11th International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony (Bodhgaya, India, December 2nd-13th 2015)

All dana sponsorship is done in front of the Sangha on the day that you host. Individuals or Sangha groups may sponsor together to host this meritorious offering. $10,000 covers the cost of 18 dishes (9 International, 9 Indian) for up to 4,600 participants (daily numbers vary) to make the food offering possible. This means that each meal costs $2.16 for breakfast and lunch, which includes the cost of the tent, service staff, food ingredients, and other rentals. All donations are given in front of the Sangha from the direct lay devotee to the Chief Organiser. No other fundraising organization is allowed to raise funds on behalf of ITCC unless directly authorized by a council member. Fundraising done in the name of ITCC without permission is a direct offense of the organization and the good will and merit of these offerings. Receipts will be given by the ITCC and signed by the Chief Organizer once the funds are distributed in front of the witness of the Sangha. If you should know of anyone who is soliciting funds in the name of ITCC who is not authorized by ITCC, please inform the Council at lbdfiorg@gmail.com.

Hosting Dates need to be reserved no later than September 2015. Please send your intentions lbdfiorg@gmail.com in advance.




For our 10th International Tipitaka Chanting Ceremony, we are grateful to the following individuals and institutions for their most kind generosity:

Name of Group Date Requested Amount
Dr Disaphol Chansiri and Family and Friends
December 2nd, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Free December 3rd, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Vietnam Group
The Tathagata Nourishment Center in USA
December 4th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Thailand Group
Khun Lek and Group Hong Kong International Group
December 5th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Vatrapthombhikkhuni Vaishali December 6th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Burmese Vihara
Phwar Mi and Phwar Kay (Sameikdodaya)
Myan Aung
Silashinsathintike, Kyuntaw street, Sachaung township, Yangon
December 7th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Tran Thi Kim Thao
December 8th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Free December 9th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Free December 10th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Free December 11th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Vietnam Group
December 12th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch
Light of Buddhadharma Foundation International (lbdfi.org)
December 13th, 2014 Breakfast and Lunch